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The Abyss

By Holotropic

Released: Feb 23, 2016
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Hey there folks! JTRA here! It's the beginning of a new year, and Hyperboloid Records is hitting the world with a fresh compilation! It has

Well the name threw me off completely....It has nothing to do with bubblegum and honestly I am lost when it comes to the title of this serie

Hello everyone! its been a while! So!!!A lot of people have been saying Goku who now a days. Although I do not agree with most people a

Well Halloween is around the corner and it is my one year anniversary for this page! yaaay me!! so lets get right into one of the most engag

Hey folks! JTRA here! have you heard this remix that Neuropunk did? Footwork meets neuro funk. D&B raw sounds mixed with footwork's comp

Anime eye candy time! Yes that is correct some of us watch anime not for the story per say but for the screen time our favorite characters g