Release Notes: v0.2.7

We're excited to announce the latest updates and bug fixes to our platform. Our team has been hard at work addressing key issues to improve your experience. Here's what's new:

Bug Fixes:

  • Oversized Avatar Uploads: #1 We've fixed a bug where users were not receiving an error message when attempting to upload avatar images exceeding the 5MB size limit. Now, an appropriate error message will guide users to choose a smaller file, ensuring a smoother profile customization process.

  • Artist Name Ordering: #2 Artist names now appear in the correct order, prioritizing their roles as "Main", "Featured", and "Remixer". This update enhances the clarity and navigation of artist collaborations and discographies.

  • Artist Cards Aspect Ratio: #3 We've resolved an issue causing artist cards to lose their aspect ratio on smaller screens. Artist images will now maintain their intended appearance across all devices, preserving the visual quality of our platform.

  • Music Player Overflow on Mobile: #4 The music player has been updated to prevent overflow on the screen width on mobile devices. Users can now enjoy a seamless listening experience without interface disruptions.

  • Incorrect Song Order for Old Releases: #7 Songs for older releases are now displayed in their original tracklist order. This fix restores the intended narrative and flow of albums and EPs, both in public and studio views.

  • Encoding Issues with Tracks and Artists: #9 We've addressed encoding issues that prevented viewing tracks with dashes and artists with slashes in their names. All tracks and artist pages are now fully accessible, ensuring our entire content catalog is navigable.

  • Redirect Failure after "Submit a Demo" Login: #11 Users logging in through the "Submit a Demo" button will now be automatically redirected to the demo submission section, streamlining the process and ensuring a seamless flow from login to demo submission.

These updates are part of our ongoing commitment to providing a platform that meets the needs of our users and creators. We appreciate your feedback, which has been instrumental in identifying and resolving these issues. Should you encounter any further problems or have suggestions for improvement, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for being a part of our community. We look forward to continuing to improve and evolve the platform to better serve you.