Release Notes: v0.3.0

We're excited to announce the latest updates and bug fixes to our platform. Our team has been hard at work addressing key issues to improve your experience. Here's what's new:


  • A&R Dashboard and Release Improvements: Issue #18 Added a new A&R dashboard for better management of releases, along with improvements to the approval process and introduction of cron jobs for automated tasks.

  • A&R Base Functionality: Issue #18 Implemented foundational features for A&R operations within the platform.

  • Total Release Time: Issue #18 Included a feature to display the total release time within the quick view, enhancing the visibility of release durations.

  • Status Display for Release Submission: Issue #18 Improved the status indicators for release submissions, providing clearer feedback on the submission status.


  • Upload by Track/Release and Artists: Issue #44 Fixed a bug related to uploading tracks and release information which is now correctly associated with artists.

  • Social Icons Display:Issue #42 Corrected display issues with social icons to ensure they render correctly across the platform.


  • Brave Rewards Verification: Completed verification process for Brave rewards, ensuring the platform's compatibility and user reward functionality.


  • Unused Files: Cleaned up the codebase by removing files that were no longer used or necessary, streamlining the project structure.